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Yesterday I received the dress for my daughter and it is very very beautiful. She will wear it for Russian Christmas and Easter!! I have appreciated your quick service and look forward to buying more items from you. Spaseebo!
Leonidas, US

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Special "Che Guevara" design valenki boots

Special "Che Guevara" design valenki boots
Price: $195.00

Sorry, the item is out of stock at the moment

Exclusive design by Olga Chernikova
Hand felted of 100% sheep wool
Extra light, soft and warm
Do not shrink while wearing

These boots are unique for 2 simple reasons:
1. They are hand felted, meaning they are not made at felting factory, but by a skilled craftsman in a small Russian village who follows best Russian traditions of our ancestors. What it gives? These valenki offer best felt quality, they are much softer and lighter than factory produced ones and they do not shrink.
2. Unique design by Olga Chernikova, a well known designer of Russian valenki. Original stylish design gives these valenki boots a special trendy look. Olga Chernikova found a great alternative to Australian Uggs with Russian designed valenki. You will look gorgeous, and still warm and cozy!

Valenki are traditional Russian felted boots invented a long time ago as the best solution for cold Russian winters. Valenki are made of 100% sheep wool by a special felting technology, seamless and soft. Russian valenki are to be worn inside and outside. If you wear valenki inside, they are just like a perfect light wool sock with a special healing effect through wool micro massage. If you wear valenki outside, then you enjoy frosty winter days without getting cold, because valenki resist a temperature to 40 degrees Celsius below zero. For outside usage, you can take valenki as is, or with galoshes (rubber shoes) or with rubber soles (firmly sewn-on) to be protected from getting wet.

Note: These hand felted valenki do not shrink, it is recommended to order the same size as you wear.

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