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Folk art of Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova (Наталья Сергеевна Гончарова) was a Russian avant-garde artist and painter, costume designer and illustrator. Natalia Goncharova was born in a small village of Tula region on 21st June, 1881. She grew up in the country and moved to Moscow when she was 17. She began her studies at Moscow Institue of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.


Peasant dances


First, she took lessons in sculpture but then switched to painting. Natalia of noble lineage was always inspired by the primitive aspects of Russian folk art. At the same time Natalia Goncharova met the most important man in her life - Mikhail Larionov. Natalia and Mikhail were together in personal and professional lives.


Hay cutting


In 1906 they exhibited their paintings at Diaghilev's World Art Exhibition. Her cooperation with Diaghilev went on further, later on Natalia Goncharova made stage designs for Ballets Russes. Natalia Goncharova was more than just an avant-garde artist, she had a great personal influence in Moscow and Saint - Petersburg.


Woman's portrait


After the war she lived between Paris and London and mainle made stage designs for both. Her work for theatres was an important part of her life.


Linen washing


Natalia Goncharova always tried to make her paintings reasonable and simple, so that her art language could be undestood by any person. She was always ingenuous and sincere. She lived 81 years.



Today paintings of Natalia Goncharova are one of the most expensive ones. The "Apple Gathering" was sold for almost 10 million dollars at Impressionist and Modern Sale.