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Natalia Goncharova: five famous portraits

Natalia Goncharova or Natalia Pushkina - Lanskaya was well known at her time for incredible beauty as her husband Alexander Pushkin is world-known Russian poet. Pushkin married Natalia when she was 16.  You can easily imagine love story with unhappy end, unfortunately. Natalya had not only been Pushkin’s wife and mother of his four children, but also the poet’s living muse.

There are so many dithyrambs to Pushkin and his poems, but we talk today about Natalia Goncharova. We will not even talk, only watch, contemplate her image and imagine how she smiled, talked, got blushed or took care of her famous husband.


"Natalie differed little girl of rare beauty. Move it became very early, and she was always surrounded by a swarm of fans and admirers Place the first beauty of Moscow left behind her. I have always admired her... education in the countryside, the fresh air has left a legacy ruddy health. Strong and agile, she was remarkably composed in proportion to why, and every movement was grace is committed. Eyes kind, cheerful, with a twinkle egged out from under long lashes velvet ... But the chief charm Natalie was the absence of any affectation and naturalness. Most thought her a flirt, but the accusation is unfair. Unusually expressive eyes, charming smile and attractive easy to use, against her will, she conquered all. Not her fault that everything in it was so amazingly good! .. Natalia was a surprising nugget in the family "- says Nadezhda Eropkin in her memoirs.


Some painters made portraits of Natalia Goncharova and we are lucky to have a vague idea how Natalia Goncharova looked like.


Brullov, 1831-1832


Hay, 1842-1843


Hay, 1844


Makarov, 1849


Lash, 1956


"Sometimes a longing seizes me, I feel a need for prayer. These minutes of concentration before the icon, in the most secluded corner of the house, bring me relief. Then again I gain peace of mind that used to often mistaken for coldness and me in her reproach. What can you do? The heart has its own shame. Allow you to read my feelings I think profanity. Only God and a chosen few have the key to my heart "- a frank admission is preserved in a letter to Natalia Nikolaevna to Lansky.


Dying, in a feverish delirium, she whispered: "Pushkin, you will live" - ​​although Pushkin was not around for thirty-three years. Nearby was only his immortal shadow, yearning for the soul to the one he loved more than life. Two souls, a famous Russian beauty and an aknowledged Russian poet, met on 26th of November, 1863.