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Natalia Goncharova, muse of Pushkin

Natalia Goncharova was born on 8th of September, 1812. Her tricky destiny was to be a wife. To be a wife of  the most known Russian poet - Alexander Pushkin. Not many people liked her, but Pushkin adored his Natasha.


By many people Natalya Goncharova was considered arrogant and simple. The crowd thought, she understood more in balls in poetry. Natalya Goncharova was considered arrogant and simple. No heart, no soul, no cleverness. Many people made her guilty of Pushkin's death.But everyone was convinced, the beauty of Natalya Goncharova was outstanding and striking.


Pushkin called her madonna in his poems. Fortunately, some correspondence between Pushkin and his wife was saved and published. And these letters showed a reader, that Natalia Goncharova was a kind, calm and wise woman. She gave birth to 4 children during six years marriage with Pushkin. She wrote, that children were her vocation. "The more children I have, the happier I am...", she mentioned to Pushkin. She tried not to bother him with daily routines.


When Pushkin died, Natalya's sorrow was so inexpressible and profound, that even her enemies did their best to save her from madness. After the tragedy Natalia Goncharova lead a secluded life in a village for several years. Seven years later she got married to general Lanskoy, who loved not only Natalya but also her four children. She was happy, Natalya gave birth to other three daughters. She lived a happy life. When she was over 50, her incredible beauty still was a great topic of discussion.


Natalya died on 26 November 1863.