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Natasha Rostova - War and Peace characters

There are not many girls who didn't want to be like Natasha Rostova while reading War and Piece written by Leo Tolstoy. The novel is obligatory to read within school literature program. But only few read the whole book... In fact, girls read the Peace, boys somehow could handle the War. For sure, the Peace was about love and romance...


Do you know why some Russians are so clever? They were obliged to read a lot of sophisticated books at school time.  Do you know why many Russians hate to read Russian classics? They got bad marks not reading them at school...

As to Natasha Rostova, she was like a breath of fresh air, a young girl who can show other girls how to live and be happy...With all her personality she helped people to read four huge volumes.


It's so good that films based on the novel have been pictured and so many people can at least get slightly to know what genius Leo Tolstoy was, what a beauty and romantic person Natash Rostova is, how kind and good-natured Pierre Bezukhov and etc...


Let's have a look at Natasha Rostova's portraits from 3 screen version of "War and Peace":


1. Audrey Hepburn in the film of 1956.


2. Ludmila Savelyeva played Natasha in the Soviet film in 1969.


3. Last but not least Lily James as the most romantic person of the novel, 2016.


Which Natasha Rostova you like more, it is up to you, tastes differ.


Leo Tolstoy descibed that War and Peace was "not a novel, even less it is a poem, and still less a historical chronicle". If you were not forced to read when you were 16 years old, then now is time.