Vêtements traditionnels russes pour les enfants et adultes



Russian shawls - symbol of Russia

Talking about Russian traditional clothing, we should not forget about bright wool Russian shawls. Wool shawls with floral and ornamental designs are considered one of the symbols of Russia and one of the best souvenirs.



Long time ago there were few skillful manufacturers that produced wool and silk shawls. The live example is, founded in 1795 in Pavlovsky Posad, the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory that created many Russian shawls in a traditional way. Their wool scarves are known worldwide for incredible designs, bright deep printing and high quality. Unfortunately, after Revolution in 1917, many fabrics were shut down. The one, that remained and still brings us the woolen beauty to the shoulders is Pavlovo Posad manufacturer. 



The manufacturer of Pavlovo Posad shawls managed not only to survive but to keep high standards of the materials which is always 100% soft wool or silk. All designs are created by professional team of Russian painters and artists. It is really amazing that some Russian patterns have survived several generations and are still in high demand.



The production process is similar to the old-fashioned one. First, the artist creates a painting sample "care" (in French way), that should be approved by the art committee. Then the pattern is engraved and preserved on wooden blocks. Every color is printed separately, one at a time. Thanks to this color layering, the Russian shawl comes out outstanding and fancy.


Unique, appealing Russian shawls will make your look catchy!

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