Vêtements traditionnels russes pour les enfants et adultes



Ukrainian embroidery

The Ukrainian embroidery is known all over the world. Red, embroidered poppy flowers on the white blouse is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Ukraine.


In fact, the embroidering tradition in Ukraine comes from the pagan roots, most of the ornaments were created for protection or special rituals. The skillful embroidery decorates the rushnyk towels, men's and women's shirts, table and bed linen. The clothing was decorated with floral abstraction and infinite ornaments: curved stems, ornate leaves, blossoming flowers. The shirts were embroidered on the sleeves, on the neck and on the cuffs. Women often embroidered the skirts, aprons, shawls, jackets and belts. Home textile was also decorated with floral embroidery and ornaments.



More than 300 different patterns and embroidery techniques have been defined across the Ukraine. Like many crafts, the stitching skills are passed down from one generation to another. Every variation makes the Ukrainian embroidery rich and unique. The diverse ornaments and symbolic pictures embody the particular meaning. Embroidered trees imbue long life, the roots in the ground mean the connection with the earth, the branches in the sky the bond with the heaven. The past, the present and the future are often encrypted in the Ukrainian embroidery. The roses are the symbol of love, the blossoming cherry tree goes for beauty, and the bees mean the pure mind and spirit.


These symbols are similar to all the countries from the Slavic Rus. The ornaments and their variations in patterns, colors and stitches are amazing and striking. The Ukrainian embroidery is not only about the beauty but the history and culture.