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Kryzhachok: Belarus folk dance

Kryzhachok is a popular Belarus folk dance. This funny name comes from Belorussian word for wild-goose - kryzhak, as the dance imitates birds movements. The folk dance had also other names such as Kryzhik, Pauluchok, Antoshka which depended on the song. This Belarus dance is ornamental, performed in couples by a large group of dancers.


K. A. Alexutovich played an important role in the development of Kryzhachok stage version. He added new steps and movements, as well a lyric solo dance of 1-2 couples, other dancers perform in the background. The folk dance is also known in Poland.



Other most popular Belarus folk dances are Lyavonkha, Yurachka, Chobaty, Lyanok, Bulba and Charot. Every folk dance has its own movements, accompaniment and rythm.


Belarus dance features dynamic, cheerful and emotional character of performance. The folk dances are often performed with humor and positive mood.