Traditional Slavic folk clothing for children & adults



Polish folk costumes: overview

Polish folk costumes play an important role in the culture of the country. The variety of designs, decorations, embroideries can tell so much about the person in the traditional outfit. We make some stylized Polish clothing for any occasion, which you can find here.



The hat could help to define the woman’s marital status. Young, unmarried girls usually wore floral wreath or just silk ribbons. As to the married woman, her head was supposed to be fully covered by scarves.



The special beauty is detected in the rich embroidered patterns where magic symbols were not only decorative but had a hidden meaning to protect the owner. The floral embroidery of large bright red and pink roses on the black background is the main characteristic of Polish dresses from Krakow.


The picture below depicts different regions of Poland and the main features of the traditional costumes in this area. The women usually have white embroidered blouses, red, black or floral vests with golden trim. The heavy circle skirts may floral or striped or just of one color. The main decoration is a long red beaded necklace. To complete the look women often wear white laced aprons.


Polish folk costumes by regions


The man's folk costume looks much simpler than the lady’s. The black long coat is also often decorated with bright trims and embroidery.  High leather boots are a must for the folk dancing. The men often wear hats ornamented with ribbons or flowers.



The Polish people love their traditional costumes which are often worn at the weddings, folk festivals and religious holidays. Nowadays the folk costumes are still considered elegant and authentic.


( The photos are from the digitalized collection of Muzeum Miejskie w Tychach)