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Russian Shawls: the beauty on your shoulders

Russian shawls are known for its beauty and finest elegance all over the world. Russian shawls of Pavlovo Posad are designed to give a modern woman the shape of grace and originality. Designs of Russian wool and goat down shawls are derived from folk traditions of different regions of Russia. The shawls are made from pure natural 100% wool, which is not exposed to any kind of technical processing and provides high quality and softness of a fabric, gives to a product magnificent appearance and is unsurpassed advantage! The shawl warms you in cold weather, in a warm season the woolen fibre will help your skin "to breathe".


Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls are made at the Pavlovo Posad factory which is a small town just outside of Moscow. Factory has been there since 1812. Up till today the Pavloposadskaya factory produces an extremely wide range of gorgeous wool shawls and scarves, favored by many women. Traditionally, women use them as headwear or wear them around their shoulders or waist. Some shawl patterns are inspired by modern Rusian design concepts and even used for the creation of new outerwear.




We are pleased to present you the richest collection of Russian Pavlovo Posad wool shawls which are groupped by the size:

Wool shawls 72cm (28'') are usually used as head scarves;
Wool shawls 89cm (35'') can be worn as headwear as well as shoulder shawls;
Wool shawls 125cm (49'') and Wool shawls 146cm (57'') are designed to decorate women's shoulders;
Dense wool shawls are the largest ones and show the most beautiful designs and highest wool quality.