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Russian valenki felt boots

Russian valenki is a precious gift for yourself, your children and family. Valenki are traditional Russian felt boots invented a long time ago as the best solution for cold Russian winters.

First valenki were made centuries ago from sheep wool to keep feet warm even with 40 degrees Celcius below zero. Genius invention was to make felt from 100% natural materials always available in poor villages. Firm and high, they served perfect for many-many years in one family and were even given as heritage to younger generations.


With the time people could not go without them. It is said, that Peter the Great wore valenki as the best remedy against hangover. True or not, we can't prove it but tend to believe. As a fact, Soviet soldiers could resist during II World War partly thanks to the best possible winter uniform with a must pair of valenki. Since then valenki boots are mass manufactured for Russian army and there is not another alternative because of their frost resistance, warmness and longevity.


Russian valenki are to be worn inside and outside. If you wear valenki inside, they are just like perfect light wool socks with a special healing effect through wool warmth and micro massage. If you wear valenki outside, then you enjoy frosty winters days without getting cold. For outside, you can take valenki as is, or with galoshes (rubber shoes) or on rubber soles to be protected from getting wet.


By Olga Timokhina
Painting of Leonid Kolosov