Traditional Slavic folk clothing for children & adults


• Material: Maple, oak


This spoon lozhka with ding-dong bells is a Russian folk instrument, not a simple souvenir.Spoons as music instruments are not unique for Russia. In the old days people used not only spoons but also pans, pipes and pots to produce loud nouse during summer merry-makingYou do not need to be a professional to play the spoons. There is a wide range of techniques for playing spoons. Basically, two of the spoons are put between fingers of the left hand, while the third one is held with the right hand. The first two spoons serve as a sort of anvil hit by the third spoon. Each strike is sliding from one spoon cup to another, followed by slamming the two spoons with fingers of the left hand. Thus delicate polyphonic rhythmical patterns are created.Practice yourself and enjoy the folk music!Our Russian music instruments are available in two versions: student and professional. Student models are typically intermediate and professional instruments receive more personalized attention from instrument makers. The difference may not be seen but can be felt and heard when the instrument is played.


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