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Dear Friends: Last week I decided I wanted to watch some of the lunar eclipse.I knew it was cold out and so I put on my beautiful brown Valenkis that go almost to my knees. The temperature was cold, -11F, and I decided to stay out only until I started to get uncomfortable. I watched a lot of the eclipse and thoroughly enjoyed my time outside, being very still, and very cozy. My fingers started to get chilly and my cheeks were cold, although my bare toes in my warm boots were just beginning to cool off. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I'd been out in that sub-zero weather for almost an hour! I LOVE your boots!!!!
We received the package. It is wonderful. Thank you so much. My daughter looks like a Russian princess. She'll have a blast at their Russian day in school on the 22nd of January.
I received beautiful Tsarevna dresses and kokoshniks. Thank you very much. I like them very much!!
In fact we are so very happy with the order we have told everyone to buy the outfit from your company.
I received it and it is perfect. Thanks so much!
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