Traditional Slavic folk clothing for children & adults


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Traditional Shoes

No surprise, that Russian valenki, felt boots are the most popular winter footwear among children. Don't think, it is a fashion tribute. Every mother thinks about most ecological shoes for children. Nothing better can be invented than Russian valenki, since they are made of 100% sheep wool by a special felting technology, seamless and soft. Kids love to spend much time outside especially when the day is crispy-snowy and the frost is not so severe. Valenki are just perfect to warm small delicate feet. After all, valenki easily resist a temperature to - 40 degrees Celsius. The best combnation is to take Russian felt boots with rubber shoes which are put on the soles to get protected from getting wet.


If you perform Russian dances, then sooner or later the question about good traditional dance shoes will come up. For such folk dances as Kalinka, Kamarinskaya, Kadrille, you need to have special Russian dance shoes. Red Russian boots are perfect for Cossack dance and Yablochko. If you are in ballet studio, then good Russian pointe shoes will be a good help. Russian ballet is known for a good professional school.


Please, be very careful when you measure your foot, as all handmade shoes fit exactly the measured size. Russian boots are sent to the USA, Canada, Spain, China and South Africa, easier to say worldwide.