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Folk Boots

Valenki are felt boots that can be worn inside and outside. If you wear valenki inside, they are just like perfect dense wool socks with a special healing effect through wool warmth and micro massage. If you wear Russian felt boots outside, you enjoy frosty winter days without getting cold on your feet. For outside, you can take valenki as is in a dry snow, or with galoshes (rubber shoes) to be protected from getting wet. When a man goes out in valenki, he gets noticed. Valenki find their new life our days, it is too early for Russian felt boots to become a museum relic yet. Our valenki are deisgned not olnly to keep warmth but also to look stylish and attractive. This season valenki is hit at ski-resorts.


If you perform Russian dances, then sooner or later the question about good traditional dance shoes will come up. For such folk dances as Kalinka, Kamarinskaya, Kadrille, you need to have special Russian dance shoes. Red Russian boots are perfect for Cossack dance and Yablochko. If you are in ballet studio, then good Russian pointe shoes will be a good help. Russian ballet is known for a good professional school.


Please, be very careful when you measure your foot, as all handmade shoes fit exactly the measured size. Russian boots are sent to the USA, Canada, Spain, China and South Africa, easier to say worldwide.