Traditional Russian clothing for children & adults


Soviet uniform stage costume
• Material: 100% cotton
• Attention: Pilotka hat and belt included
• Note: Soviet Uniform stage costume


Soviet uniforms as well as the Red Army uniforms are in demand by many dance studios and theatres. The authentic stage military costume is a great way to better reproduce a specific time epoch or a Soviet personnage's character. The uniform replicas are often used in military style dances or music orchestras or in Russian theatre plays.

The military stage costume consists of: 1 gimnasterka tunic, 1 pair of galife pants, 1 pilotka hat and 1 belt.

Gimnasterka was a Russian military shirt-tunic in a pullover style with a standing collar having button closure. Originally the gymnastyorka was introduced into the Imperial Russian Army about 1870 for the regiments stationed in Turkestan. The milirary shirt took the form of a loose fitting white linen tunic with epaulets on the shoulders. In 1943 the traditional Tsarist version with stand collar but in green color was reintroduced, until the gymnastyorka design was finally abolished in 1969.

All the Soviet uniform costumes are custom manufactured, you can request the shirt for your specific measurements.