Traditional Slavic folk clothing for children & adults


ukrainian dress
• Design: Knee length dress
• Material: linen, cotton
• Note: Headpiece is not included. Embroidery pattern and color may differ from the shown on the picture


The Ukrainian dress consists of a long white dress - women ''rubakha'' and a skirt out of gabardine cotton. Today in Ukraine folk dress is on the rise and is used not only in stage performances but also as casual Ukrainian clothes, especially vyshyvanka. Ukrainian traditional costumes are in full swing, as Ukrainian way of decoration folk shirts and dress is unique and recognized all over the world. Ukrainian embroidery is always bright and impressing with red, blue, yellow and black colours. We design our Ukrainian costumes taking into consideration the choreography and stage requirements. The Ukrainian women rubakha is made out of fine linen with decoration. The skirt is done in a way of ''plachta'', out of 2 gabardine pieces with cuts up to the waist. Any traditional dress from Ukraine can be customized to your needs.


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