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Down Shawls

Orenburg region is located in the south of Ural in Russia. Orenburg is famous for its downy shawls, mainly known as Orenburg downy scarves and pashminas. Lace shawls out of down have been created in the region for over 300 years. Orenburg goat yarn is one of the thinnest in the world, the down hair of Orenburg goats is only 14-18 micrometers. Goat down is not to confuse with cashmere. The down is combed out from goats at the beginning of winter season. Thus, Orenburg down shawls are so gentle, fine and soft. Even a large Russian down shawl can be pulled through a wedding ring because the lace knitting is so fine.

Elegance, finesse, exclusivity, beauty - this is all about Russian Orenburg shawls. It may decorate any evening dress, it is a nice addition to business style costume, a nice decor of homewear.