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Shawls 35"x35" (89x89cm)

Russian shawls of most popular size 89 cm x 89 cm (35"x 35") are all made of special atlas silk or special luxurious silk - crepe de chine, with no fringe. Russian shawls from atlas silk are light, shining with bright colours. Russian shawls from crepe de chine are soft, graceful with a pleasing drape.

The paintings on Pavlovo Posad atlas shawls are matched with the fabric: colourful and glaring. The roses and flowers come to life under the painter's brush. Some scarves patterns are inspired by modern trends and even used for the fashion shows.

Russian silk shawls from Pavlov Posad are a piece of art that can be demonstrated on your neck, head or shoulders. By buying a Pavlovo Posad shawl, you get splendid beauty, local colour and charming compliments. 100% original.