Silk shawl ''Coral Breeze''

• Size: 89x89 cm (35x35 inches)
• Edge: No fringe
• Design: Elena Jukova
• Material: Natural silk (crepe de shine)

This Russian shawl is made of special luxurious silk - crepe de chine, with no fringe. The matte surface and "pebbled" texture of crepe de chine reflect individual pinpoints of light, giving it wonderful chromatic depth and striking eye-appeal. The roses and flowers come to life under the painter's brush. Some Russian scarves patterns are inspired by modern trends and used for fashion shows. Russian silk shawls from Pavlov Posad are a piece of art that can be demonstrated on your neck, head or shoulders. This is the most popular Russian shawl size 89 cm x 89 cm (35"x 35"). 100% original.

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