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Shawls 57"x57" (146x146cm)

This category of Russian wool shawls features Pavlovo Posad scarves 57" (146cm) x 57" (146cm), one of the largest ones. The wool density is 100 g/m2. Only 100% natural, high quality wool is used to design a Russian shawl and scarves at the old manufactory of Pavlovsky Posad. Every colour is printed by a special technology and dried separately one by one, that allows to achieve better visibility and sharpness. The shawls have woolen or silk fringe. Check item features to see all available options.

With such a large Russian shawl you can wrap yourself: over the shoulders, around the waist, on the head and shoulders or as poncho or any other way you like. Russian shawl looks perfect not only with Russian clothing, but with jeans, coat or jacket. By buying a Pavlovo Posad shawl, you get splendid beauty, incredible warmth and charming compliments for free!