Traditional Russian clothing for children & adults


Headscarf ''Ivan and Marya''

• Size: 72x72 cm (28x28 inches)
• Edge: Blinding (owerlock)
• Design: Valentina Sozinova
• Material: Wool

This wool Russian shawl is mainly used as head scarf, it has no fringe. The best size to cover ladies' head. Bright, silver, blue and golden floral designs look incredible with today casual wear. The design of each Pavlovo Posad shawl is created by professional artists and approved by a special art committee, that is why you get a piece of true Russian art, splendid beauty and warmth with any Russian shawl you choose.This wool Russian head scarf is favoured by many women thanks to interesting patterns and cheap price. The Russian shawl covers a range of fashion tastes. This model has no fringe, just a simple blinding (overlock).

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