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Dresses & Sarafans

Women ethnic dress in Russia may consist of ensembles: a blouse and sarafan or folk linen dress with traditional embroidery. Such Russian ethnic dresses are often worn not only for special events and holidays but also in every day life. Russian ethnic dresses is a perfect casual wear for those who like looking individual and bright. RusClothing features both sarafan costumes and linen dresses with folk ornaments and amazing embroidery.

Gabardine, Headwear is optional
Romanian costume is so bright and colorful! This dress is also similar of Moldova traditional clothing. The blouse is decorated with traditional floral...

100% cotton, wool, Woven technique, Folk ornament may differ from the shown on the pictures
Your Slavic look could not be complete without a handsome woven belt with traditional ornaments.  The Slavic shirt is highlighted with wide stylish...

100% linen
Casual, loose and relaxed, this linen Slavic dress will be your favorite. Wearing a Russian dress like this simply means being always stylish. It's just...

Gabardine, Decoration may differ from the shown on the picture., No headwear included.
This Bulgarian national costume  is one of our collection of folk costumes from Bulgaria. The Bulgarian clothing has got its own outstanding...

Cotton, gabardin, Circle skirt
The traditional  Cossack dance , also known as Kazachok or Kozachok dance, in Ukrainian Hopak dance, or squat dance. The Cossack dance is popular all...

Artificial silk, gabardine, The purple fabric may differ from the shown on photo., Headwear is included
The Azerbaijani traditional clothing is so colorful and has many varieties. The women used to wear loose costumes made of silk, satin, silk, brocade or...

Artificial silk, gabardine, Loose silhouette
Uzbekistan traditional clothes are extremely diversified in details as well as in sets. Women's dresses are ankle-length, uncut or cut below the waist....