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Folk Shoes

Ladies feet are often cold. To feel better, felt is needed. Women valenki, felt boots is a godsend for those who is cold in winter. Made of 100% lambswool, they keep warmth for a long period at lowest temperatures. Russian felt boots is a perfect footwear in dry snow on a frosty day. Valenki are not water-resistant, you need to put on rubber shoes - galoshes to protect them from water and tear. Our valenki models for ladies are handmade designed and decorated. Valenki doesn't have a rustic look anymore, but a stylish one. A pair of valenki is a must in everyone's wardrobe who care for warmth and original style. 


If you perform Russian dances, then sooner or later the question about good traditional dance shoes will come up. For such folk dances as Kalinka, Kamarinskaya, Kadrille, you need to have special Russian dance shoes. Red Russian boots are perfect for Cossack dance and Yablochko. If you are in ballet studio, then good Russian pointe shoes will be a good help. Russian ballet is known for a good professional school.

Please, be very careful when you measure your foot, as all handmade shoes fit exactly the measured size. Russian boots are sent to the USA, Canada, Spain, China and South Africa.