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Valenki Shoes

Ladies feet are often cold. To feel better, felt is needed. Women valenki, felt boots is a godsend for those who is cold in winter. Made of 100% lambswool, they keep warmth for a long period at lowest temperatures. Russian felt boots is a perfect footwear in dry snow on a frosty day. Valenki are not water-resistant, you need to put on rubber shoes - galoshes to protect them from water and tear.

Our valenki models for ladies are handmade designed and decorated. Valenki doesn't have a rustic look anymore, but a stylish one. A pair of valenki is a must in everyone's wardrobe who care for warmth and original style. Russian valenki are sent to the USA, Canada, Spain, China and South Africa. When you buy a pair of valenki, you can be assured, you'll get warm and get compliments!