Vêtements traditionnels russes pour les enfants et adultes


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Chapeaux et écharpes

RusClothing handmade collection for women features hand knit hats and scarves. Elegance and style, warmth and coziness meet in this category of Russian knit fashion. All our hats and scarves are hand knitted on knitting needles or with crochet out of the best quality wool. RusClothing.com has really most amazing knit hats: beanies, berets, earflap and cable hats and long stylish scarves.
We also present you Russian mink scarves and comforters that perfectly express elegant and feminine style. Mink accessories can be worn with sweaters, tops, suits and coats in the daytime or in the evening. For any age, for any season - frosty winter or golden autumn, it is a wonderful gift idea.