Traditional Slavic folk clothing for children & adults



I received the blue traditional shirt today and it is very beautiful. Both the red shirt and blue shirt are wonderful. They are made beautifully. Thank you very much.
I received the red men's shirt yesterday & was so very happy to receive it. I signed for it at the post office, & they also were surprised that it took so long to get here. Thank you for initiating the investigation process on your end. I truly appreciate it. The shirt fits beautifully on my son, & he will wear it proudly. Many thanks!
I just received my little boys Russian shirt! It came much sooner than we expected! It is absolutely beautiful!! He is three and a half and he plans to wear it for Thanksgiving and over the Christmas holidays! Thank you so much!
To my new friends in Rus Clothing (and everybody involved): I really want to Thank You for the beautiful russian dress and kokoshnik. I received it today. Yes, from Russia, all the way here in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Just nine days after I ordered it!!! But the best thing is that the dress is more beautiful than the picture you present on your site on the net. Gorgeous details and color. The kokoshnik is also very pretty and delicate. I just hope I can wear them with pride and represent some of the culture of Russia in my church activity coming soon. Thank you again! from a happy customer.
THANK YOU so much for the great shirt. I received it today.
Thank you so much for your generosity! I really appreciate it. I am sure the Valenki will be beautiful, I have found most things from Russia are. I lived there for a while in 1991 and miss it terribly.
Just wanted to let you know I received my order and I love the woolen shawl. It is really beautiful. I'm looking forward to wearing it.
Yesterday I received the dress for my daughter and it is very very beautiful. She will wear it for Russian Christmas and Easter!! I have appreciated your quick service and look forward to buying more items from you. Spaseebo!
I received my order today. The outfits are perfect! My children will look wonderful in them.
It has arrived and it is fabulous!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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