Traditional Slavic folk clothing for children & adults


Viscose Fabric by the yard ''Flowers On Black, With A Border''}
• Attention: 1 piece = 1 meter x 1.4 meter


This viscose rayon fabric will impress anyone thanks to its light and fine hand.

Being an expert in Russian and Slavic traditional clothing, we have a great choice of folk vicose by the yard. If you want to make your own ethnic clothing or home textile in Slavic style, you are in the right place. Ethnic patterns  and floral fabrics are popular among many designers all over the world. This lightweight viscose fabric has a subtle cooling effect and clings to curves perfectly. Thanks to its natural cellulose fibres, you won’t sweat it on hot summer days.

•    Custom cut to your specifications.
•    Available in 1-meter increments. If you order two or more meters, you will get a single roll.
•    Width: 1.4 meter. 1 meter = 3.2 feet = 1.1 yard

All fabrics are cut fresh from the bolt. The price listed is for one meter which is a fat yard (1 meter = 1.1.= yard). If you decide to order more than 1 meter it will be sent as a continuous length. The quality of every fabric is high, as we test it before offering here.